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Joanne spent a decade immersed in the dynamic world of the airlines, serving as a flight attendant and spearheading specialized Public Relations initiatives. Transitioning into investment banking, she dedicated over 25 years to cultivating relationships with senior clients.

Throughout these diverse roles, Joanne consistently received feedback about her natural ability to instill calmness and trust. Whether engaging face-to-face or through the resonance of her voice over the phone, she effortlessly orchestrated intelligent exchanges, empathizing with concerns, and alleviating apprehensions.

Over time, it dawned on Joanne that her mannerisms, the soothing timbre of her voice, and her deliberate choice of words held an innate power. Retirement became an opportunity for a new career chapter: the birth of her journey into the world of Voice Over.
New York City holds a special place in my heart. A mosaic of energy, art, and endless opportunities that sparks my curiosity and fuels my creativity. Yet, there are moments when I'm drawn to venture beyond its wonder.

My journeys have carried me far and wide, from the sun-kissed shores of Fire Island and Rockaway to the awe-inspiring volcanic landscapes of the Galapagos, the boundless expanse of the Serengeti, and the majestic peaks of the Himalayas. It's truly remarkable how our journeys through diverse landscapes and encounters with different cultures can bring about such profound insights.

Recognizing our shared humanity amid these experiences is powerful; it bridges the gaps between us, highlighting the common threads that connect us all, regardless of our backgrounds or origins. These encounters and travels haven't just widened my perspective; they've connected me to a universal truth: we are all united by our common threads of humanity.

Allow me to sh
are an authentic and sincere message through my experiences. Let's bridge distances and connect, embracing the richness that comes with shared stories and interconnectedness.

In Her Words


CESD Talent Agency
New York
VO: Anita Reilly & Billy Collura
OC: Kirsten Walther

Voice Qualities

Warm, Natural, Authentic. Sophisticated. Confident. Corporate sounding. Reassuring, soothing, encouraging, empathetic, trustworthy.
Poised, inviting, sexy, sweet, playful, fun.


Andy Roth, Andy Roth Casting
Tina Morasco, Tina Morasco Coaching
Roger Becker, Voice Over Syndicate

Ed Lewis, ShutupandTalk
Paul Liberti, Actors Connection, Voice Over advanced technique

Studio Equipment

Stellar X2 Mic
Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 Interface
MacBook Pro
Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 headphones
Acoustically-treated space
Source Connect (joannelarkinvo)

Relevant Additional Skills

Edit copy
Can deliver clean, raw, audio files

Featured Clients

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Work with Joanne Larkin
Based out of New York City

I have a professional, broadcast quality, home studio.  I can deliver clean, raw, audio files to you within 24 hours. I can also easily accommodate directed sessions via Source Connect, Reach out at the email below or fill out the contact form.


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